Thursday, August 12, 2010

FAMILY DAY 2010 Part 2

It was actually not Damia Tasnim's birthday ok! It was somebody's birthday. We celebrated during our family day. The mom was kind enough to have extra happy birthday headband. Tasnim asyik nak cabut je..ehehe..but she's so cute I must say! (puji anak sendiri tu..ehehe). Do you see the hair clip? That is Mama Tasnim's handmade! (uwekkk)

Papa was so excited taking care the kids. See Fahmi & Tasnim were enjoying the birthday goodies. Wah, sama besar! Beza 2 tahun..aisehh..

Uncle Rushdan sedang melayan kanak2 riang!

Tasnim was escaping, she didn't like Uncle Nazri huh?

Alala, comeynya birthday girl..or should i say birthday girls?haha..

We were having a great vacation! Got some more be continued...


Ummi Aisyah || Cik Yah said...

Salam Tini,
jom singgah tengok tungku moden kat blog kak yah

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