Thursday, August 05, 2010


Too many things to do with two hands..I have some orders pending that need to be finished by August, especially for mommies (pijut & wanie) still got their babies' barut pending and some bags too. Also, Iam preparing the giveaways prizes, taking pictures, packing, etc. On the same note, this is my first time sewing baju kurung and first time to sew it for my daughter, lil Damia Tasnim. Same goes with Daniel Fahmi's baju Melayu.

This weekend will be our first family (of 4) vacation, in conjunction with hubby's division's family day.Yeeyyy...good news for the kids, huh? That also means my weekend will be burnt without sewing which i don't mind at all..well for the kids lah! I need to think of booking some biskut raya (not enough time to play dough with Tasnim & Fahmi), applying for raya leave, choosing the best clothes for my both intan payung for their raya..

This year should be more exciting because we will be celebrating hari raya with both families unlike last year I gave birth during Ramadhan and we were at my kampung the whole 1 month confinement before going to my MIL's house. So our hari raya last year was spent in my mom's house, alhamdulillah my husband did not mind at all. Thanks dear. I promise you, this year will be one of the best celebration insyaAllah..

Somehow, came accross on my mind the time when I really missed my family. That was years back, in US. During Ramadhan we have so many activities, one of my most favourite was a slot in lecture session where I had to give a briefing on Ramadhan & Fasting in a lecture hall. That was awesome! Can't you imagine a lil Tini talking about Ramadhan & Fasting to non-muslims which mostly Americans! They were so curious and asked sort of questions. That was one of our programmes during Ramadhan.

Another programme that we had was a Fast-a-Thon programme, whereby you were promoting to non-muslims to do fasting as for them to experience the fasting month. They had to sign a pledge that they would obey the rules & regulation (no eating, no drinking, no bad acts/words etc). We then brought this to local companies and they will donate to our Tucson Food Community Bank. We had a fabulous feedback on this programme.

Well, too much sweet memories in US in Ramadhan..but I leave you with some pictures:-

My first time raya in the State..just got back from EidulFitri prayer. That was my most favourite cactus, at the back of my house.

2nd year hari raya in the States. That was the tallest cactus in my campus. (tinggi dari pokok kelapa tuu)

This was right before the fast-a-thon event. My roomate was so eager to take this picture as she said that was my best & better hijab (other than black, if you notice I used to love black hijab). I bought that hijab & abaya when attended the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Annual Conference.


Mila@Rimbun said...

bestnyer pengalaman berpuasa dinegara orang..

Let me guest.. blue is ur favourite colour, is it?

TinyTini said...

ehehe..dulu black je..pastu blue..lepas kahwin ni purple, red & pink..obvious bnyk baju skrg da warna warni dah..ahaha..

KAK AYA said...

pengalaman mendewasakan setiap orang..makin jauh kita pergi, makin byk pengalaman yang dikutip...lebih bererti bila dapat kongsi pengalaman itu dgn org2 lain..secara tak langsung, turut membantu orang lain mematangkan diri ..

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