Monday, August 30, 2010


This is my first time sewing camera strap cover. I never thought that I would be sewing this since my own camera is just a regular camera with no strap like this. I first thought that it's so simple, but it was quite tedious. I want it to be firmly fit with the camera strap yet not sewing onto the strap.

This is also my first time using designer fabrics cotton imported from US. Eventhough I have the collection a while ago I just cannot use it because I love it so much. And this time, I've made some other good mark in my craft journey because I sewed it for The Photolicious, a newly appeared photo team in Berita Harian few weeks ago.. Congrats Kay! You guys can visit her website, full of awesome pictures!

Kay wanted it to look very 'photolicious'. So I decided to use designer cotton fabric, for quality & design. I bought the fabrics from US which I think a good combination, LOVE by Amy Butler, Paradise Garden and PLAYDATE by Patty Young, Candy Stripe in chocolate. I love the combination.

Thanks Kay and team for the opportunity! Enjoy the pictures (taken by not so photolicious crafter)

Front view

At the back

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