Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Alhamdulillah, I am back to normal, and I miss sewing so much. (i'll blog what has happened to me soon). Anyway, I came to know about this giveaway. But this time it's very different. The giveaway is organized by a tudung maker, and the prize is a tudung! and what I love so much about this giveaway is the colour of the tudung, which I always wanted. So gorgeous!! I already have one, but in a bit darker. Awesome right?

These are the conditions to join this giveaway:-

1) Jadi Follower Tudung Mania (DONE)
2) Link Blog Ini Dengan Blog Anda (DONE)
3) Buat Entry Tentang Giveaway Ni Di Blog Anda (DONE)
4) Tinggalkan Satu Komen Tentang Entry & Link Giveaway Masing-masing (DONE)
5) Period Date From 19 August To 26 August 2010 (ALHAMDULILLAH, sebbaik da kuar hospital, sempat join..ehehe)

And these are some of her handmade. This blog provides varieties of tudung and I love the chosen design especially these. A lot of choices, so gorgeous!

If you guys would like to join, please feel free to click HERE. Its worth


Hanna said...

salam sis,

sorry...i pun baru jer dpt tau u sakit yer hr tu...patut la i tak terima lagi my make up bag pdhal pymt dah lama dibuat...

so tiba2 teringat nak buka ur blog nih and terbaca berita yg u baru keluar hospital...

i tak baca details tp u sakit apa? hope u dah sembuh sepenuhnya and dpt la menyambut raya nanti...

take care sis...

hanna strawberry

TinyTini said...

salam sis..saya da reply email awak last week lepas kuar spital tu..awak tak perasan kot. da pos da selasa lepas, tp sbb awak nak pos biasa takboleh trace lah.saya dehydrated, kena masuk air 10 botol..huhu

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