Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've actually got some questions on the frozen food. Haha..thanks for asking guys, I used to be like you all too before. Thanks to my friend Fith who has been living in Japan for years and this frozen food is so synonym with her already.

We first have to keep in mind that we have to look for opportunities in challenges (as I always try to do some sewing on my way to work with the traffic jam, my hubby drives ok!). And it's never too late for a change! Go mommies! Especially for those who work fulltime, at the same time have to be a mama. Not enough cooking time, go home late, etc. Well, it's true that we can just buy the food. Yup, but we could have cooked a better food! If the taste is good, then we're lucky. But if good but with tonnes of oil (recycle oil some more), ajinomoto, and what not perencah/perasa, buat apa kan.. If we got no choice that's ok, or sometimes is ok but not everyday.
There are some tips to to do this frozen food (with my not so long experience):-
1. For me, I've tried to freeze meat, chicken & base (sambal,sup,singgang,masak kicap-NO NO to santan, veggies ok!)
2. If I were to freeze meat or chicken, I'll make sure that stocks finished in 3 days only and the base can be up to one week only (some say more).
3. For the base, I'll try to make it varies, enough for a week for example sambil bilis, base sambal, base for sup, singgang, masak kicap, etc. So, it's easier, we can just fry the telur/chicken/ikan (that we have perap a day earlier or in the morning before going to work) and when we go home, defrost and reheat the kuah.
4. As a Kelantanese (and hubby from Terengganu) we do love ikan rebus with kunyit+asam keping+lengkuas that we can reheat for couple times and that will last more than 3 days. (lagi lama lagi sedap..haha). We can cicah budu (preferred)/sambal belacan/kicap with chilies or we can just fry that ikan rebus..huhuhu.
5. I also tried some other menu such as ikan cencaru sumbat (for the best taste, please keep not more than 3 days). The most important thing is the fish should be the fresh one from the beginning. The isi sumbat I made from cili kering+kunyit+serai+salt+a bit of sugar. Make sure to belah at the back of the cencaru for the full taste of that isi sumbat.
6. If we want to have more lauk for the day, just use one type of frozen, and the rest could be something that are easy to be cooked such as telur dadar, ikan kering, pekasam, ikan terubuk masin, ulam-ulaman +budu, cencalok, tempoyak (saya tak makan ni, hehe), sayur goreng etc.
7. If we have enough time, we can try to fry ikan bilis garing and mix with some bawang+chilies+udang kering (optional). This can last garing for at least two days or more. No need to put in the freezer but to be put in a bekas kedap (i prefered Tuppaware). Also, we can sometimes try to cook rendang tok, tahan lama lah! hehe..

As for the kids, I tried to avoid giving them so much frozen food. Maybe can try a lil bit only. Or maybe the fresh frozen food only.
Alhamdulillah, I have a peaceful weekdays if I have enough stocks. But I do buy sometimes ye.. And hubby fully supported me on this, and I'm lucky because he's not fussy at all when it comes into food.
So guys, let's try these, ok! Selamat berbuka!


KAK AYA said...

boleh cuba lepas ni, t.kasih bagi idea...

Mila@Rimbun said...

good tips.. selalunya kalu bawang/halia etc etc.. yg remeh nak buat tuh kupas siap2 on weekend. Nak masak jer terus capai dlm peti ais.

so far akak rasa.. memasak utk bbuka, immediately lepas balik kerja is not a burden. Semalam siap bole buat puding roti lagi hahaha..

TinyTini said...

kak aya: selamat mencuba
kakmila:ehehe..kalau balik cepat takpe..kami kadang2 ngam2 nak magrib pun ada..huhu~~

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