Sunday, February 22, 2015


Since everyone in their classes brought cakes to school, I did too. Such a small celebration, eating cakes and gave small gifs and that was it! Some students asked me where was the candle? I was just smiling and said opps, no candle! But they were all good at giving support, they sang and ate the cakes. Eventhough only homemade cakes, but they could eat all finish!Alhamdulillah. As long as the kids were happy. Daniel already requested a strawberry cake for his next birthday, I can try but did not promise with him because his birthday is in October, it is hard to find strawberry at that time. But, we'll see.
Damia was born on 09/09/09 @1145 pm, amazing date huh? Normal delivery  at only Klinik Desa. (sounds familiar of this klinik?haha) It was 19 Ramadhan at that night. A gifted experience.


Daniel was born on 13/10/07, 3am @ 1 Syawal. Still managed to pay zakat fitrah ok?hehe. Alhamdulillah. 2 weeks earlier from the due date. Allah always the best planner!

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