Monday, February 09, 2015


This picture was on the school website, the whole school when Daniel was in Year One last year. When he started Year 2, the 'family' grew larger and that means the school has been doing a great  work. In this picture, Daniel was standing in the third front row, second from the left.
I took this from the school newsletter. Daniel was smiling with his Shark! 
Both of these were the mandarin homework for Year 2. At first I have to pretend to know Mandarin as well..haha..  I have to download Mandarin dictionary on top of my a few Korean online dictionaries on my phone for the sake of helping Daniel's homework. Now, he is getting better at it and can work on his own. phewww ....
Screenshot from my phone as I was reading the school newsletter online. I spotted Daniel in his class. Learning maths I guess..
Daniel in his swimming class. Swimming lesson in this school was his first time swimming ever so he's getting on it.
Spotted him again!
This was when he had his Physical Education lesson at the school field (it was their rooftop,but really super in terms of safety, creative is a must in the city)
Happy classmates!
Spotted Daniel again in the newsletter with his only Malaysian's classmate 
Their visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. Daniel visited here first with his classmate and then join my first visit here with cousins a few weeks later. He was a good tour guide to us as he was learning about this earlier. Will talk about it in another entry with more pic of this place.

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