Monday, February 02, 2015


Homemade kimchi is what I wanted to make since we arrived here. I was asking a former student here where to buy kimchi and she was unsure about it since she did not really like kimchi. I asked Kak Lanee, my neighbor, she said I can get it from Emart. We both bought from Emart the Mat Kimchi and after sometimes we both agreed that sometimes that store bought kimchi does not really taste fresh. So, after some googling, a found a very simple but interesting recipe.
After the cutting, salting and mixing, we have to fill in this airtight container and have to wait until half or a day before it is completely fermented. After tried the kimchi, it taste so fresh and so authentic kimchi that I was looking for!! I am so taste the same as I tried in one of the favourite restaurant in Dongdaemun and my husband agreed! Alhamdulillah, I can eat kimchi everyday, without spending so much money buying from the store and the most important thing is, my husband can eat it because it is so fresh.

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