Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hanaa used to be excited every morning (not during the winter time), just like this to send Abang and Kakak to school bus stop. And sometimes, she would want to hug and kiss both of them. When Kakak started school, she felt so lost at home, walking around by herself and so much to cling with me. I thought when Kakak at school I would have much time to do the house chores or my sewing hobby. But it was the other way around. 
Hanaa would want me to read books for her, do drawings and play the tea party! Well, sounded more work for me but I looked at it on the positive side. I could spend a quality time with her, helping her to become big faster (since helped me a lot in hanging and folding clothes and tidying up the toys which would normally be Kakak responsibility)  

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