Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I always love this heart shape Red Velvet cake. I normally choose to do this shape when I want to separate in two different mould. For the same batter, I would get one this heart shape and another one is the rectangle shape. I have never attended any baking class, so this is normally would be the deco that I could make.haha. I love cream cheese topping with this RV cake. As far as I could remember I made this shape of cakes many times especially when we have guests in hour house as part of the dessert after the dinner. You will see more of my RV cakes later ;)


yang baik Ishak said...

look nice and sweet too :D

rohaiza yunus said...

cantiknye kek..nak order boleh..hantar kat cni..malaysia

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

tq sisters. Simple aje but suit our taste well, boleh la kan dari takde. kat sini banyk was2 nak beli sbb mostly ada alcohol or pork.huuhu.kat mesia petik jari sampai kek,hehe.

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