Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Nami Island, a must visit place when you come to Korea. We were there during last autumn for our first time.

We took this picture when we about to go back.haha

We went there by ITX. We departed from the house right after Subuh which was 530 am and arrived at the Yongsan station in 15 minutes. We then took the 6am train and arrived at the Gapyeong Station about 50 minutes later.

Took this picture in front of Gapyeong Station. We then took taxi to the jetty

While waiting for hubby to buy the ferry and entrance ticket, the.se little kiddos walked around and took pictures

We were among of the earliest visitors here. 730 am, we were in the Island already. So we took our nice and sweet time to take pictures. I love this shot!

At the early autumn, not so happening yet here.

Tadaaa, we ate "nasi goncang", that was called by all Malaysian here. See, they even gave us the glove to shake the rice and it was damn hot. 

Tadaaaaa..the inside treasure! Rice, kimchi and egg. Because we were all starving, we ate them all. We also order the Tuna version too.

Hungry visitors @ Nami Island.

 Surau! Cool..

Never watched the Winter Sonata movie, but hubby did. haha. We saw a lot of people were lining up to take picture at this spot, so we also did. ehehe..

Daniel took this picture.

Flower boy!

 I love this spot too!

In Nami Library, where you could find the Surau on the second floor.
On the ferry on our way back to the main land.

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