Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Hanaa and her outing buddy, Noora a mix Malaysian+Finnish girl. Me and Kaklanee (Noora's Mom) always go out together spend our free time. She is the one who drives us to many places. We normally go Gwanjang market for cotton hunting, to Emart for groceries shopping and having lunch at the food court eating grilled fish or we go to Seoul Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping, the largest underground shopping centre. We love to eat Galchi Jorim, spicy beltfish. I took a few pictures of them but I just only have this one as my phone was corrupted a while ago.
Noora is a few months younger than Hanaa but she is bigger. Noora can get along very fast but Hanaa is a very late warmer. But we enjoyed seeing them playing together eventhough they rarely be the best playmate to each other. I love you both!
This picture was their second 'meeting' early last year. I bought a pair of these hairclips for both..aww so cute..

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