Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 Last December was a bit hard for me as Hanaa my lil kid was having fever, very high temperature up to 40.5c.  My husband was so busy on and off for work and outstation so I have to handle the kids by myself. Knowing Hanaa who did not like to eat medicine, I did not take her to the hospital at first eventhough the hospital was just a 5 minutes walking away. But after two days, I decided to bring her to the hospital and got some medication and she refused, as expected.
Took this picture on our way out to send Kakak and Abang to the school bus stop. She was so excited going out as usual and brought all the stuffs handbag, backpack and etc. Going out during winter would take you forever to dress up especially with three kids. Look at Hanaa's outfit, going out for less than 10 minutes. I was holding her gloves at this time actually to put on her hands. Well, I like this jumper, all at one, on the go!
See this sad and sick face. :((
I took this picture when we came back from the Emergency room at 1am. I was there, rushing in middle of midnight 12am, in minus 5c outside temperature with Hanaa and her body temperature was 40.2c!! I was so panicked when her body temperature went up drastically. I was quite upset at that night in the Emergency room as only some of them know little English and I got angry when no one did anything in that situation, they just gave us an empty bed to put Hanaa and asked to wait. A few came and asked to wait.
Finally someone came and asked to wait for the Pediatrician. I called my husband, crying quietly in the ER but unfortunately he did not answer the phone as he was having an urgent meeting at the hotel seminar room. I was fully understand his situation as I was there before. Working like there was not tomorrow at that time. So I decided to make my own decision, went up to the counter and nicely (still sabar) asked them, hey can someone do anything as waiting for the Paed to come? Then with a shocked face, a nurse handed over a warm water and a towel to wipe Hanaa. She showed me how to do it and I did until the temperature went down a little bit to 39c. ( I brought my own thermometer, ok?). I was thinking I could have done that at home as, no need to come to ER. After 40 minutes, there was a doctor claiming to be the Paed but yet asked me "Mam, what you want to do now?" Argghhh, I am a normal human being, so I know the feeling of getting mad. Then I said with a bit of stressed voice " You are the doctor, so you tell me what to do or you do it now!" So he decided to give a shot instead of the Supp. Then a nurse gave a shot and told me, you can leave now, without even checking the temperature. After updating the situation when my husband called, I headed back home, again in that cold past midnight nearly 1am. 
My husband came back home nearly 230 am and he was sitting against the wall in the room looking Hanaa. He felt so bad, as he could not do much to help me. So I was comforting him that I will take care of the kids matters and he needs to focus on the work, get Halal rezeki. I did not sleep that night, afraid of the temperature would go up again. I kept wiping with a warm towel and undressed her. Alhamdulillah the temperature went down and she felt better on the next day and started to eat her favourite homemade Kimbap,ok! Alhamdulillah.
One thing that I learnt, here if the temperature goes up we have to wipe with a warm towel instead of cold one as it might trigger the temperature to go higher. We have heater on in the house and cold temperature outside. Ok lesson learnt!

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