Monday, February 09, 2015


It was end of summer and Damia has already in school for her first semester. So at first, Hanaa was kind of lonely and feeling at lost at home. She has no more best friend to play with. So I always took her for a morning walk after send both Kakak and Abang to the school bus.The only her favourite place around our neighbourhood was Hannam Station mini playground. We will sit and play they about one hour before heading back home.
I took this picture when we were there. This was a 'milk lady' (actually didn't know what I should call her but that was what came into my mind. There were actually a few of them around the street but they already have their own designated route to sell milk and some other drinks too; yogurt drink, coffee, tea, etc.  I did not know how's their arrangement but I could see this is part of the program to encourage people to drink milk and also for a convenient marketing purpose I guess. They can reach their customers anywhere.
Somebody was actually singing, 'I can fly, I can fly, I can fly...." and she was saying "Mom, it was fun! Fun! Fun! 
I had no choice but to play this with her! No picture haha, cannot imagine huh?
This picture was for another day, a bit less warmer I could tell from her shirt.
She was trying to smell the flowers at that time. But I did not allow but she insisted to touch instead. 

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