Thursday, February 19, 2015


Last June, We participated in the Malaysian  Embassy family days and a lot Malaysians in Korea came too. It was so happened at that day a Minister came for another seminar but spared his time to join us. Apart of the games and kids activities, they also organized a 'cake deco' competition. With a three people in one team, there were 5 teams participated. Being me who always nervous for any competition, and having inexperienced teammates just like me, we started later than others. All of other teams tend to cut the cake into two pieces and put the icing in the middle, we decided not to do so because we were thinking that the judge would not cut the cake anyway.hehe. (actually we were more on afraid of cutting since the cake was so soft and fragile.)
So, as I am known as a homebaker (at least) they other two asked me to start. Lets scroll to see which one was our cake out of these 5?
See how serious my face working on the deco.hehe. We devided the tasks at this time. None of my team mates was in the picture as one of them went to cut Kiwi and another one went to do the icing colour mixing and I did the deco.
Finally I could smile a little bit after bending my back for a while to make the roses deco. haha. That was the only little deco that I knew and needed more practice. It was so simple but looked sweet and nice. I could not thinking of other complicated design as we only have a limited nozzle. And these were my other two teammates.
Happy got a hamper. Two of us kept smiling see.hehe. 

One of the activities by the kids, 9 of them in team. and we'll see whose on the other team?
2 of them? haha but the kids won in two games in a row. great! 
My hubby, the emcee of the day.
 Picture time! Daniel and Damia, two from the most left.
Last but not least, the cake that I brought to the Family Day for the potluck.

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