Sunday, February 22, 2015


We went to this Island last summer. I was just could not remember the place name, too bad huh? I think it was Jebudo Island. It was about 2hours driving from Seoul. When we wanted to cross from the mainland to the island, we need to wait for their designated time depending on the sea water level. We got lucky because both our journeys were ok. Some people just stuck on the island. Tourists trap? They could not leave because the exit road was completely covered! So the need to wait for the a while or maybe for hours?

 Damia and her best Malaysian buddies here, Beeha and Ude
Hanaa and Balqis

It was just so happened that Daniel already covered the ocean topic at school, so he was so excited to bring back this little crab. He actually found two of them and named them Stella and Bella. haha I did not know how he could get those names. He even filled up a water bottle with the sea water and but Stella and Bella in there. But they both died on the second day at home.

Hanaa in action!

I brought Nasi Putih, Gulai Ayam, timun and choc cake. and kakzah brought beehun and sambal belacan if I were not mistaken and Aina brought the drinks.
Hanaa in action again!

We found a few food stalls on our way there so we did some fruits shopping.

This was actually before we arrived at the beach. Just stopping by to enjoy the scenery and the kids want to go to the bathroom. 

Aina and family has gone back for good to Malaysia now, so I am not sure whether we will repeat the activity again or not as we are not really familiar with the area. sobs..sobss..

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