Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sometimes, writing in a blog can release your tense & unsatisfactory. Let me begin the story. As I have mentioned yesterday, I had to take commuter train to UKM since my hubby was on MC. I rushed to the KL Sentral Station from my office in order to catch 542pm train to Bangi. As soon as I arrived there, I heard that it was canceled and the next train was 6pm. So I rushed to the other platform to take train to KL Station so that I could catch the train to UKM from one earlier station then I didn't have to congest myself with others at KL Sentral.

But due to the delayed train, seemed like everyone was heading to one earlier station. So when the train arrived, it was fully congested! Taking into account on this situation, I headed to the pink Coach. I then met my friend and we managed to go in. Alhamdulillah.

In the train, it was about quite half a row of these cute Indonesian boys. They were talking & words fighting to each other, happily enjoying their moment of going home. Meeting with parents, eating with the family and getting kisses & hugs from them are probably what they are looking for after a long day of school. Everyone of them has their own mobile phone to be easily reached by their parents. They seemed so independent and brave enough. Then we started our conversation with them:-

Me & My friend: Adik nak turun mane? (for the purpose of curiosity and also to get ready to be seated if their stations are nearby. ehehe, ada udang disebalik me..)

The boys: Kajang & UKM (alamak, jauhnya lagi..sama je tempat aku nak turun ni. My friend to Seremban, oklah)

Me & My friend: Skolah kat mane? Umur berapa?

The boys: Sekolah indonesia, Putra (wah, jauhnya skolah budak2 ni. Umur 9 tahun.

Then we just silent watching them continuing their words fighting. We heard that they talked about solat, syurga, neraka, agama, robot, ultraman and what not. Once in a while, each one's phone took turn ringing, calls from the parents.


Two not so young Ladies: Eeii..boleh diam tak? Aunty2 sakit telinga, bising lah! Jangan bising2, ini bukan Indonesia, ini Malaysia, tak boleh bising!!

Me & My friends were looking to each other and talking in a low voice. What did you expect? They are nine-year old boys!! and it was in the commuter train ok! Not in a library. It's a norm for kids and even boys to behave that way. Please lah, everyone was in the same boat here no matter whoever we are. We all wanted to go home. Please lah, pity the kids.

Imagine if someone shouted at your kids that way?In the end the kids started to cool down, looking at each other with pissed off faces. Then they started again..

haha. padan muka! geram!


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

Salam, eh kak tini ade blog jugakkk!!!finaly jumpe akak kat blog kak fith.hehe.nak emel kak tini sbb ore private blog ore :P kep in touch :)!

TinyTini said...

akak da lama gak lah ada blog ni..siap ada dua lagi..ehehe..

Mila@Rimbun said...

that aunty takde anak kut... sbb tuh mcm tuh. but children always like that, mesti huru haranya kalu dah jumpa sesama mereka

Kak Aya said...

mungkin betul cakap mila@rimbun tu...biasanya kalau orang tak biasa dengan budak-budak memang cepat naik angin bila bising-bising

Sue Rosly said...

Maybe aunty tu marah koz bebudak tu dalam couch pink kot. PInk couch kan ker tuk pompuan jer. Aunty tu marah koz tak dapat duduk.

Tapi, komuter ni bila lah nak improve. Slalu lambat dan confirm ada problem kalau ujan. Su dah lama tak naik komuter, koz lama sangat nak tunggu.

Su slalu naik LRT atau PUTRA kalau nak ker KLCC n Jalan TAR.

TinyTini said...

Kak Mila, tula..kadang2 diorang bising2 pun borak menda2 membuatkan kita terfikir jugak kan..

TinyTini said...

kak aya, tula manusia tu macam2, ada kat tempat tini sampai nursery kena tutp sbb jiran ngadu kat MPKJ bising tadek privacy..huhu~~

TinyTini said...

Sue: Budak2 tu in a group boys & girls jugak actually..makcik2 tu mmg duduk dgn selesa maybe tension tempat keje, dahla keje jauh, penat, nakrest pun tak tenang dlm train mmg bising& hingar bingar kalau time padat melampau tu.tula, saya terpaksa naik train kalau hubby cuti/mc..huhu~~

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