Monday, March 07, 2011


We had a tremendous & extremely good weekend. We brought the kids to Taman Tasik Cyberjaya. Just to words for you, Strongly recommended! The kids enjoyed it very much. We brought our bekalan2, waahh..what a nice place.

Adik was enjoying the walk. Abg Fahmi was brave enough!

See, Fahmi was so passionate, fully maximized the excitement.

haha..ada budak nak panjat jugak!hihihi, so cute..

Ok, fine, adik main seesaw dgn papa lah.. :P. See, the place is so clean and full of peace.

Both kids and us enjoyed the playground. Siap parents skali boleh naik.

We can feed the fishes! What a big fish, bawal pirana lagitu..

Alala, comell..adik tunjuk bird!

I like this shot the most! My favourite shot.

Adik Tasnim kedahagaan..siap nak angkat bakul lagi tu..

Great scenery!

A strongly recommended place to go
Tips: Bring a lot of water, big area, lots of moves, need a lot of water

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