Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I did not expect to get anything by being a follower. Tp ada insan berbaik hati seperti Cik Hanna kita ni bagi hadiah for me coz being her follower. Actually I always would love to be a follower for a blog that I really want to follow. That's why I don't bother at all if any blog offering a great giveaway and yet asked us to be the follower to join the giveaway (macam paksa rela plak). I won't follow if I don't want to follow.

Anyway, to Ms Hanna, thank you so much for the gift - a frame fridge magnet, a hand sanitizer, a pink brooch, I love them all so much. I received it yesterday and today the cute yet elegant brooch is on me already! I like it very much! Thanks dear!May Allah bless you and your family..Sudi2kanlah melawat blog beliau, Hanna Strawberry. Thank you.


Hanna said...

salam Ms Tiny...wow...thx a lot for the entry...dah niat nak bagi tapi small gift jer tu...Insyallah if ada rezki suatu hari nanti biler murah rezki saya plan nak buat GA...Hadiah dia Insyallah mesti best skit...hehehe... :)

*Saya pun suka baca both ur blogs...Sbb tu follow both :)

TinyTini said...

ehehe..ni pun da best, teruja nak guna sanitizer tu..eehhe..thanks a lot!

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