Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Solution-Plastic Bag's Holder

Being a mama, we have to also be creative and the most important thing is SAVE. JIMAT. I was looking for a solution to put my used plastics bags. So I managed to sew this, simple & quick. Just used whatever scrap that I have. I need a couple of this to be put in each bathroom. Easy to fill used diapers before putting it in the dustbin, to avoid the not-so-good smell spread to the whole bathroom. My hubby like it very much because he's so sensitive with the kids diapers. Maybe some people would say just buy it from IKEA, nice & easy but IKEA is so far from my house, the journey would have me could produce more than 10 of this, perhaps?

nakguna, tarik saja satu!


miedacreatives said...

interesting idea. bole apply at my home also since i do love kept plastic bag. hehe.. thanks for sharing it.

TinyTini said...

ok2, no prob!yg jual pon banyak yg buat sendiri lagi feel kan...ehehe

mrs radin said...

akak..i just made one for my house...on thursday!huhhu...sgt best kan bile kita buat sendiri.=))

TinyTini said...

betul2, best and jimat!

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