Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Me & my hubby work at the same place. In fact, we met there and got married after 3 months. But we live far away from workplace. We have to travel from Bangi to KL Sentral everyday. We have to leave home around 645 am and we reach home the earliest 630 pm. That's our routine everyday.

The positive part is, we do almost everything together. At least 3 times per weekdays we have lunch together and that we can consider our dates. We discussed a lot of thing about family, work, life, etc during that time. Sometime we met during some events organized by us. Sometimes we were at the same meeting, looking at each other and smiling.

But the negative part is, we cannot reach home earlier than 630pm. But when we reach home, we optimally use the time, maximize it by spending with the kids. Every single minute is so precious. When we reach home, normally I'll directly go to the kitchen with working attire & start cooking without hesitance. Hubby will play with the kids outside the house for about 15-30 minutes. They really enjoying themselves I tell you..main basikal, ball and what not.

Then, get into the house, play in their playing room (the only room available downstairs other than the store). Then we eat together, then sometimes praying together (but most of the time me & hubby take turns). Then we watch tv or playing in the room until we sleep. 4 of us.. Then tomorrow the routines start again.

That's why, during the weekend we take them out, at least to a playground nearby.

And last weekend we took them to Botani Park in Putrajaya. When we arrived, the bicycles were all fully booked. So we just walked around. We walked quite far. We enjoyed ourselves. Tasnim can walk around and she was so happy! We definitely come back here! Let me share you some pictures that I managed to snap. Not so many spots due to we both tired dukung them..


ecece mama, sempat lagi bergaya dgn coach baru..thanks papa!


Suria said...

waa...tiniey...nice story....ada banyak ms ngan hubby...

Kak Aya said...

sama macam k.aya, kerja di tempat yang sama, kenal kat situ dan kawin..sekarang pukul 6 baru keluar ofis dan sampai rumah sekitar 7 malam.

anak pun 2 juga..

TinyTini said...

Su:ala, bnyk masa keje office..huhu~~

Kak aya: la sama plak..ehehe..

Dda Ly said...

seronoknyee tini bawak budak2 berjalan..anak2 akak lame tak dpt berjalan..huhuh :)

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